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Model Portfolio Packages

Basic Model Portfolio Package

When you are starting out as a model, you need a portfolio.  Your "port" will consist of at least the following three photos:

Beauty/Commercial headshot: A beauty shot is a color photograph of the model's face, from the shoulders up. The purpose of a beauty/commercial shot is to show the model in his or her most natural state, which allows the agency or client to see exactly how the model looks without heavy makeup or styling.  A commercial shot can be from the head to the waist.

Full length body shot: This allows the client to see the model's proportions and body type.  The outfit usually consists of skinny jeans and a tank top.

Swimsuit: Much like the full length body shot, this shows off how well a model looks in swimwear.  These shoots should be sexy but not overtly sexual, as they may be selling to women as well as to men.  The swimsuit should fit and flatter the subject.  Male models can wear swim trunks or boxers.  These are typically from the thigh up.

What we provide:

2 Hour shoot time

4 Headshots

3 Full length body shots

3 Swimsuit

cost: $100