201 Classes: Intermediate - M.Anderson Photography

Intermediate Classes (MAP 200)

MAP 200: Intermediate Camera Familiarization

Class Date: First Saturday of each month at 1PM

Now that you know what each button on the camera does, it's time to delve deep  into the sub menus on your camera.  Discover some of the interesting and amazing things you can do to create new and interesting photos.

Class Length: 2 Hours

Cost: $50 per student

MAP 201: Intermediate Photography Techniques

Class Date: 1st Sunday  of every month at 1PM

Learn more about composition, the exposure triangle, speed-lights and how to create some cool effects to elevate your photos to the next level.

Class Length: 2 Hours

Cost: $50 per student

MAP 202: Intermediate Lighting Techniques

Class Date: 2nd Thursday of each month at 8PM

Now that you know how to use a speed-light, you are ready to use multiple ones to make your photos even better.  You also learn how to use a soft box, color gels, and an introduction to strobe lights.  This class will also give you knowledge on how to use off camera flash to your advantage!

Cost: $50 per person

MAP 203: Business 

Class Date: 3rd Thursday of each month

Looking to take your modeling or photography to the next level?  Do you know what you need to do to become a business?  Can you determine if the model or photographer you are hiring is worth the price they are asking?  Do you know how to market yourself?  This class will help everyone who is interested in going beyond a simple hobby.

Cost: $50 per student

MAP 204: Intermediate Modeling

Class Date: 4th Wednesday of each month

Learn more about how to pose, how to find the right face for your shoot, and how to give that extra "je ne sais quoi" to give your client the "WOW" Factor to book you the next job.    

Cost $50 per student